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Who We Are

We are a team of specialists who take care of your time, choosing products for a comfortable sleep every day: mattresses, beds and other accessories.
On this site you will find reviews of mattresses from different manufacturers, different price categories, where we try to reveal the capabilities and functionality of the product.
Also, from the guides you can find out a lot of information about the care, storage and the correct selection of different items for the bed.


Our Mission

The main goal of our team is to share useful and informative content with you: reviews, reviews and recommendations that will help you find your best mattress and, as a result, improve your quality of life!

Our Team

Founder and Sleep Content Writer – Yurii Brown

Yurii Brown

Founder and Sleep Content Writer, Yurii Brown, is the engine behind all the work being done here at SleepingNorth. Within his first year, Yurii wrote over 50 articles around sleep and sleep products that have helped readers find the right balance of sleep products and a healthy sleep habit. 

Most especially, Yurii crafts detailed mattress reviews with a focus on the construction of each product. His method is to consider every material used in making each mattress and determine what benefits they offer, and which sleeper they are best for. By this, he’s able to make the best recommendations for different situations.

Understanding how vital sleep is to everyday life, and how it affects our performances, he always goes the extra mile to ensure that readers who use Sleepingnorth get only the best and most useful information on how to improve their sleep quality. They would also find sleep product reviews that answer crucial questions in the most informative way.

A simple backstory to Yurii’s work at SleepingNorth is this. He used to battle insomnia due to a rigorous work ethic and a haphazard sleep routine. So, he started having trouble sleeping. However, it was because of his experiences that led him to study the science of sleep. And by extension, he would be able to help other people sort their sleep issues. 

On the other side of healthy living, Yurii also spends quality time exercising; knowing fully well that bodybuilding and improved blood circulation aids better sleep. And when you don’t catch him at the Gym during his leisure hours, you just might catch him going fishing, as he enjoys the outdoor experience.

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