Yurii Brown - The Founder and Sleep Content Writer

Yurii Brown

Yurii Brown is the Founder and Sleep Content Writer at SleepingNorth. Within a year of launching this project, he has written over 50 articles on sleep and sleep products. With a large chunk of his work centered around critically reviewing mattresses to check their construction, the feel, and the best use case for sleepers.

Yurii’s reviews provide readers with the important information they need to make better choices towards achieving regular restorative sleep. In addition, he makes sure to add his experienced views on specific product qualities and other sleep related issues, so as to help readers find more value in the articles. For Yurii, each product review is a form of service offered to the society, that’s why he devotes his time to making in-depth and unbiased reviews.

Understanding the importance of mattresses and how other sleep products improve sleep, Yurii decided to blaze a trail for others in similar situations, knowing that satisfactory sleep is vital to healthy living.

All of this adds up because Yurii knows what it feels like to have sleep troubles. He used to battle insomnia for quite a while because of his consistent late-night work into bed time. So, as time passed, in a quest to remedy his sleep troubles, he took a deep-dive into the world of sleep science, learning more and more on how sleep works for various persons, so that he can help others get better sleep as well.

When Yurii is not researching and writing on sleep and sleep-related subjects, he can be found at the gym, or by a river, fishing. He has learned that better blood circulation and body agility from physical activities help build a better sleep life; and he’s committed to practicing that.

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